HealthStrong is a national company with one purpose - improving the lives of the elderly. Our practitioners are integral to achieving that goal.


HealthStrong’s physiotherapists are committed to improving the lives of the elderly and have excellent complex reasoning skills and strong knowledge across all areas of physiotherapy. They are innovative, think outside the square and are friendly, hardworking and love what they do.

Physiotherapist job roles and responsibilities:

  • Conduct comprehensive patient assessments
  • Develop innovative and individualised treatment plans
  • Provide hands-on physiotherapy techniques to reduce pain and to maintain residents’ quality of life and functional abilities
  • Provide rehabilitation and falls prevention initiatives to residents
  • Undertake exercise classes such as balance, strengthening and Tai Chi classes to improve quality of life
  • Assess for and prescribe mobility aids and functional appliances to improve resident function
  • Provide manual handling education to staff and general education to residents and families


"What do you want to do today?" is a question that older Australians can struggle with as a result of deterioration that can occur as part of the ageing process. HealthStrong's occupational therapists adopt a wellness and re-ablement approach to support our residents to navigate the services and opportunities that can be used to live their lives their way.

Occupational Therapist job roles and responsibilities:

  • Conduct individualised patient assessments
  • Perform cognitive assessment and strategies for maintaining optimal cognitive function
  • Provide intervention and falls prevention strategies to residents
  • Provide specialised assessment and prevention planning for decreasing the incidence of pressure injuries
  • Holistic development of care plans with a person-centred approach to suit the needs of the individual


Good foot health is crucial to the wellbeing of the elderly. All of HealthStrong’s podiatrists are qualified and highly trained, and follow rigorous infection control procedures.

Podiatrist job roles and responsibilities:

  • Conduct comprehensive patient assessments
  • Develop individualized treatment plans
  • Conduct treatments such as routine nail care, removal of ingrown toe nails, removal of calluses and corns
  • Undertake advanced treatments such as management of foot ulcers and wounds
  • Assess for and prescribe aids and appliances such as orthotics, wedges, toe pads etc to improve foot function and minimise disability and pain


If you think that a career with HealthStrong is something that you would be interested in, click here to fill out our online application form. Alternatively, you can get in contact with us directly either via the Contact Us page or by calling us on 1300 660 086.