HealthStrong employs a holistic approach to the health of our clients that focuses solely on the clients goals.

We can offer a diverse range of services to help our clients achieve their health goals without the stress of dealing with multiple service providers.… Read More

HealthStrong has collaborated with a number of health funds to be able to offer clients the opportunity to rehabilitate at home after surgery, illness or injury. Benefits include: At present, HealthStrong provides rehab in the… Read More

HealthStrong offers a comprehensive Lifestyle package consisting of a number of programs including World of Wellness, Total Brain Health and the Leisure & Lifestyle Library.

These structured programs are designed and run by our qualified Diversional Therapists, with the varying needs and capabilities of residents in mind, for the sole purpose of enhancing the lives of those in aged care facilities.… Read More

If you are looking for further information on a service, or are ready to make a booking for your particular service, please click “Book Now” to get the process started.… Read More