In order to provide the best service to you and to ensure the safety of both you and our staff, we ask all clients to read our Client Rights and Responsibilities.


HealthStrong is committed to providing you with the very best of care.  If at any time, you have any concerns or questions about this document or the service you are receiving, please contact HealthStrong on 1300 660 086 or via


HealthStrong strives to provide all of our clients with access to high quality, effective and evidence based care in a safe manner by the appropriately trained and, where applicable registered, health practitioners.

You have the right to:

  • Be treated with courtesy, dignity and respect
  • Be actively involved in making decision relating to your care
  • Receive care that takes into account your culture, lifestyle and religious background and preference
  • Receive prompt responses from us in relation to any enquiries, investigations or complaints about the care we provide to you


To ensure your safety and the safety of our staff, HealthStrong may undertake risk assessments of treatment locations (such as clients’ homes).

We ask that you assist us in ensuring everyone’s safety and health by:

  • Ensuring adequate space for therapy
  • Having pets restrained prior to arrival
  • Not smoking whilst practitioners are onsite
  • Informing practitioners immediately of any potential safety hazards
  • Participating in any safety assessments of your home
  • Helping with fixing any hazards found in your home through a safety assessment
  • Treating our staff with dignity and respect and ensuring their workplace is safe, healthy and free from harassment
  • Telling our staff if you are unwell or cannot do things the way you usually do them and giving our staff information that will help us better provide our services to you

Following our risk assessment of your home, we will discuss any risk we identify and work with you to develop a plan for addressing the risks identified.

HealthStrong requires all practitioners to complete incident reports for incidents, injuries and near misses (even if the incident did not result in harm) to facilitate ongoing improvement and development of our health services.

There may be times when we cannot provide our services, or any part of our services, if our staff regarding their or your safety.  If this happens we will work with you to address the safety concerns or discuss alternative options for us to you provide our services to you.

Open Disclosure

HealthStrong believes in continuous improvement and takes incident reporting very seriously.  In the event that something goes wrong during your treatment or care, HealthStrong will inform you as soon as possible and take the appropriate steps to investigate and address what has happened and ensure that where required, improvements are made to the way in which we provide our services to you.

We will deal with you in an open and honest manner at all times and keep you informed throughout our investigations.


HealthStrong will always show you courtesy and consideration of your culture, beliefs, values and personal characteristics such as gender of disability.  HealthStrong practitioners will introduce themselves and will arrive neat, tidy and in uniform.

HealthStrong asks that our clients show practitioners the same respect by:

  • Providing adequate notice of cancellation of services
  • Notifying us of any communicable diseases/infections so that service can be rescheduled where required to prevent spread
  • Taking care of any equipment that is prescribed or loaned to you by HealthStrong practitioners
  • Not threatening, harassing, abusing or being violent towards any HealthStrong Practitioners.

HealthStrong has a zero tolerance policy to abusive, threatening, illegal and violent behaviour.  HealthStrong will take the appropriate level of action to protect its staff and property.


HealthStrong actively encourages your participation in your healthcare.  We will communicate with you about your health condition and our recommendations surrounding your treatment.  We will also discuss any risks of the treatment and will provide alternatives for your consideration.

HealthStrong asks that you ask any questions or seek clarification about anything you are unsure of or didn’t understand – we are more than happy to help.

HealthStrong will always endeavour to provide you with both verbal information and also written information to help ensure your understanding.

In the event that English is not your first language, please let us know as HealthStrong employs a diverse group of healthcare practitioners who may be able to interact with you in your native language.  Presently, HealthStrong does not have an in-house interpreter service however if required, an interpreter may be able to be organised if required, at a cost to you.


HealthStrong encourages our clients to have a support person present during assessments or involved in your care.  We do not require them to be 18 years of age or older as we respect the dynamic nature of families and their care situations.  We do however require that you consent to them being included in care decisions. This will be recorded and documented in an Information Release Consent form.  Consent to release information to another person can be revoked at any time by notifying HealthStrong via email – or via telephone 1300 660 086.

Providing Information

In order to provide you with the best care, HealthStrong requires clients to openly share information about their health, medications, social history, allergies, disabilities and end of life choices.  We take our privacy obligations seriously and will protect any personal information that you give us from unauthorised access, use or disclosure.

Confirming You are You

HealthStrong needs to confirm that you are the correct client and therefore we will regularly ask you for your name and date of birth to cross-reference this with your clinical file.


HealthStrong encourages all clients to be active participants in their care and care planning.  HealthStrong practitioners will advise you of our assessment findings and include you in setting goals for treatment and treatment planning.

You are encouraged to ask as many questions as you require to clarify your understanding and you are welcome to have a support person help you in making decisions.

If at any time you would like to re-evaluate your goals or make changes to your treatment plan, please let your practitioner know and we will be happy to do this with you.

Second Opinion

If you would like a second opinion about your care or treatment plan, please contact HealthStrong to arrange this.  Where possible we will accommodate this request.


Prior to commencing any assessment or treatment with you, your HealthStrong practitioner will ask for your consent.  Most times, verbal consent is sufficient, however, at times, written consent for more high risk or invasive procedures will be required.  In each case, we will record that consent in your clinical progress notes.

You have the right to withdraw consent at any time and in this case, treatment will cease.

In the event of an emergency situation where you are too ill or unconscious to give consent, consent is not required and your HealthStrong Practitioner will make necessary decisions to ensure your health and safety.

For persons under a certain age (the relevant age will depend on what State the services are being provided in), or if a person is of the age of consent lacks the capacity to give consent, consent must be given by a parent or guardian.

Research and Education

From time to time, HealthStrong participates in student placement programs and may participate in research projects with universities.  Student placement programs help students develop their clinical skills in preparation for their graduation and commencement as a Health Professional in the future.  Research projects can help shape improved treatment technology and processes or in the collection of data for Health economics.

You may be asked for your consent to have a student participate in your care or to be a participant in a research project.  You have the right to refuse to participate in Education and Research programs. Your response will have no bearing on the treatment and care you receive going forward.

Privacy and Confidentiality

HealthStrong utilises a specialist client management system to store and manage access to your personal information to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your health records is protected and the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorised access and disclosure is prevented.  HealthStrong has a legal obligation to protect the privacy of your personal information. At times, it is necessary to share your health information with third parties such as other health professionals (including your doctor, case manager or specialist), other service providers or related entities to ensure that your health care is managed holistically and comprehensively.  In order for us to do this, HealthStrong requires your consent.

Where we are required by law to release personal information, we must do so.

You are able to request access to your health record at any time.  In order to do this, please address your request to the National Operations Manager for Community.


HealthStrong welcomes your feedback on our Health Services.  Your feedback helps us to provide a better service to you.

Compliments are always welcome as it is nice to know what we are doing well.  It also assists us in boosting team morale and encourages the team. Any compliments that are received are always recorded and passed on to the relevant people.

HealthStrong encourages the community to be active and involved in our service delivery, development and evaluation.  If you have any feedback or suggestions about how we may improve the delivery of a particular service, we encourage you in the first instance to speak to your HealthStrong practitioner.  If however this is not possible or you don’t feel comfortable in doing so, please contact the National Operations Manager for HealthStrong who will be happy to assist you at any time. You may contact the National Operations Manager for HealthStrong by calling 1300 660 086.

If your feedback or suggestions are more general, feedback can be provided by email – or via telephone – 1300 660 086.

From time to time, HealthStrong may send you a feedback form via email or post.  We would encourage you to complete this and send it back if able.

Community Involvement

HealthStrong has identified our key customers to be persons who are ageing or have a disability that requires allied health support.  We encourage the community to be involved in our service development and delivery and would welcome your feedback at any time. Feedback can be provided by email – or via telephone – 1300 660 086.