1.     Preventing Pressure Areas (Move Move Move) – HealthStrong has endorsed the information handout by the Victorian Government on preventing pressure injuries.  A number of our clients are at risk of pressure injury and we encourage you to read through this handout and ask your HealthStrong practitioner any questions you may have.  Our team can help provide personalised suggestions to help you manage your risk of developing pressure injuries or can refer you to another practitioner who may be better suited to helping you.

2.    Preventing Falls (Stay on Your Feet) – HealthStrong has endorsed this educational pamphlet and self-assessment to help clients determine their risk of falls.  HealthStrong’s allied health team can work closely with you to identify your falls risk and help implement personalised strategies to help reduce this risk.  Please speak to your HealthStrong practitioner for more information about how you can reduce your risk of falls.