By the age of 60, most people will need to wear spectacles for close vision, distance vision, or; in most cases, for both.

In the aged community there is a great reliance on spectacles, as much of their time is spent on visually related tasks such as reading, eating, watching television, creative activities and hobbies etc.

HealthStrong’s Eye Care service includes:

  • Professional and comprehensive annual ocular and visual examination.
  • Sight tests are performed at no charge to the resident or the facility – they are bulk-billed to Medicare or DVA where appropriate.
  • Should the optometrist recommend new spectacles for a resident, HealthStrong will contact the resident’s next-of-kin, or the entity responsible for the payment of the spectacles, for approval before the spectacles are made.
  • The approval process is done in consultation with a facility representative.
  • Any spectacles ordered will be delivered back to the resident within two weeks of the approval and HealthStrong will manage the billing process at no cost to the facility.
  • HealthStrong also has optical dispensers available to provide on-going customer service for simple repairs and at no cost to the facility.
  • The facility will also receive a free in-service lecture for staff - “The Ageing Eye”.

Advantages of HealthStrong’s Eye Care service:

  • No cost to the facility
  • Convenient on-site service
  • Bulk billing to Medicare or DVA
  • Spectacles directly delivered