Pain is highly prevalent within aged care facilities in both Australia and abroad, with an estimated 80% of residents in aged care experiencing chronic pain.  HealthStrong believes that pain is a subjective experience that is influenced by many things including environmental and social factors.  We therefore offer a multi-disciplinary approach to pain management within facilities.

HealthStrong employs Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Registered Nurses to offer facilities and their residents an innovative, effective and wholistic approach to pain management.  Our staff not only address the underlying cause of pain and manage symptoms, but also seek out modifications and strategies to promote the wellness and participation of our residents.  The beauty of our program is that it is fully fundable through the Australian Government's Aged Care Funding Insturment (ACFI).

Our HealthStrong pain management service results in:

  • Reduced pain levels for residents and reduced uptake of analgesia use
  • Improved functional abilities, range of motion and ability
  • Improved social interaction and quality of life

We offer facilities the following:

  • Customisable levels of support in establishing a program - we can do all of it for you if you want!
  • Initial ACFI funding reviews and increased ACFI funding rates
  • Ongoing reviews, case conferencing and goal setting around pain treatments
  • Full ACFI compliant documentation including assessments, directives and treatment records
  • Full support during ACFI validation