HealthStrong Academy provides carers and allied health professionals with a better way to learn through affordable, specialist courses that consist of high-quality content. We offer CPD and ACFI required education options to both individuals and facilities.

Organisational Benefits

HealthStrong Academy provides specialist learning for the entire Aged Care Industry with online education courses and in-service learning workshops available. HealthStrong Academy can reduce your organisation’s CPD reimbursement costs, improve employee CPD compliance, and improve efficiency.

  • Facility packages reduce CPD reimbursement costs.
  • Simplify your organisation’s induction learning process with customisable courses.
  • New courses are constantly being added to meet the industry’s changing needs.

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Practitioner Benefits

HealthStrong Academy is an online education portal designed to fit any budget. It features affordable courses, 24-hour access, simple interface, and freedom to design your curriculum.

  • Purchase either individual courses or course bundles for instant savings.
  • New courses are constantly being added to match your professional focus.
  • Freedom to choose courses that interest you.

A Better Way To Learn

HealthStrong Academy has been built to meet the learning needs of a modern workforce, servicing both rural personnel and employees with strict time constraints.

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