Our practitioners are passionate about providing high quality, safe, effective and innovative healthcare to our clients wherever they are located.  When we are visiting you at your home, we ask you to help us by preparing for our visit. Here is what you can do to help:

Treatment space

We need a clean, clear area—about the size of a queen bed— we may need to set up an adjustable plinth (small table), sit on a stool in front of you, or we may want an area to do exercises with you. The plinth allows us to assess your musculoskeletal system in a non-weight bearing position. It also facilitates treatment in a safe and effective manner.  If we don’t have a plinth, we may position you in another way such as sitting or lying on your own bed. Please inform your practitioner if you are uncomfortable in any position.

Quiet environment

Please restrict noise from televisions or other noisy sources.  During the assessment process you will be asked quite a few questions to help the therapist gain a good understanding of your current situation.

Be prepared

We will be asking you lots of questions about your health history and would like to see any relevant letters or referrals from your healthcare team.  A medication list is always handy to show us too!

Give us a tour

Our Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists in particular will often want to see your home and how you interact with it as there may be simple modifications or equipment that we can suggest to help improve your independence and quality of life.

Appropriate clothing

Please ensure that you wear clothing that allows us to assess the area of your body that we are treating.  If we are treating your knee – shorts are preferable. If we are treating your back – a shirt and pants is better than a dress.

Towels & pillows

For Physiotherapy treatments in particular, we may need towels and pillows to help position you comfortably and to maintain your privacy.  If you are having a physiotherapy treatment, having two towels and two pillows ready would be greatly appreciated.

Hand washing facilities

Please let us know the best place to wash our hands when we arrive. We’re sticklers for hygiene and like to wash our hands before and after each session!


HealthStrong loves pets, but at times, they can get in the way and interrupt our sessions.  We ask that all pets be restrained or kept away from the treatment area during our sessions. Please note, our practitioners will not enter your yard with an unrestrained animal present.


If you’re a smoker, please refrain from smoking whilst your therapist is present. If your home isn’t always a smoke-free environment, please ensure adequate ventilation.

Support person

You are always welcome to have a support person there with you during your assessment.  We appreciate that we will often give you a lot of information and it is often good to have someone else there to ask questions and help with decisions.  Please introduce them to your therapist.

That’s all!  Your therapists will bring all other equipment that they need with them.  Thank you for your cooperation in helping provide a safe space for both you and your therapist to work in.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback about preparing for your home visit, please contact us.